Ben Weaver-Hincks

Producer, writer and creative consultant

With ‘Frozen 2’, Disney Finally Gets Woke on Climate Change

Frozen 2 has continued to break records since its release, with parents and children alike drawn to its timely message of environmental action and justice for indigenous communities. Yet Disney’s climate allegory has also prompted frosty reactions, with some hinting that it engages in an inter-generational blame game or accusing it of ‘propaganda’. The first Frozen, released in 2013, was praised by

‘Eco-Visionaries’ at the Royal Academy

The title and subtitle of the Royal Academy’s Eco-Visionaries point to a tension – a tension not only at the heart of this exhibition, but inherent to our collective creative engagement with the environment. While the title suggests the ingenuity that we need and hope to navigate us through the crisis, the subtitle – ‘confronting